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Release notes Indicium (2023.1.18)

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Release notes Indicium (2023.1.18)

Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we have made breaking changes to import_mode for defaults and layouts.

You can read more about Indicium's features in the Indicium user manual.


About Indicium

Two types of the Thinkwise Indicium Application Tier are available:

  • Indicium: for use with the Universal GUI and via APIs. This version uses the full range of Indicium functionality.
    Download Indicium release 2023.1.18 here.

  • Indicium Basic: for use with the Windows GUI. This basic version does not support, for example, system flows and OpenID.
    No 2023.1.18 release available.




Changes to import_mode for defaults and layouts

When using the add/edit/task/report calls in the OData API, where you supply the entire record or set of parameters in a single JSON object in the request body, the default and layout procedures will now be called using @import_mode=1, instead of @import_mode=0.

This does not apply to the API calls made by the Universal GUI, or, in the future, the Windows GUI, because these use the resource staging API, which uses @import_mode=0.

This change only applies to custom clients or third-party clients that typically use this simpler API that allows you to perform these actions with a single request.

Note that it is also possible for these clients to use the resource staging API if need be, just like the Universal GUI does.



Download attachments in email preview

Universal GUI

When a user previews a .msg or .eml file, they can now download any attachments contained in these email files.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • The OpenAPI document should only show the endpoints for which the user that requests the document has permissions. However, for subjects (like tables and views) it used to show the operations for adding, editing, and deleting records, regardless of the user's permissions.

    This has been corrected. The OpenAPI document now only shows the operations that the user can actually perform through an API call.


Questions or suggestions?

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