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Release notes Indicium 2023.1.10

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Release notes Indicium 2023.1.10

Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we improved the use of HTTP methods allowed by the HTTP connector, the Server-Timing response headers, and the performance of the application connector. We also added support for the Thinkwise Platform release 2023.1.

You can read more about Indicium's features in the Indicium user manual. We will keep you updated regularly about Indicium's progress.


About Indicium

Two types of the Thinkwise Indicium Application Tier are available:





Support for Thinkwise Platform release 2021.1 has ended

Indicium Indicium Basic

In accordance with our Lifecycle Policy, we have ended the support for platform version 2021.1 as of this release.


Indicium - Changed


More HTTP methods allowed by the HTTP connector

Community idea

We have made a change to the HTTP methods that Indicium accepts as an input parameter value for the HTTP connector.

Previously, it would only accept the values listed in our documentation. We have been able to remove this limiter, so it will now attempt to use any value you supply in a process variable as the HTTP method. This allows you to use non-standard methods, such as MERGE.


Improved Server-Timing response headers

A few months ago, we implemented a feature to return Server-Timing response headers for various operations that Indicium performed internally (most notably I/O related things, like database calls and files). This feature allows you to see which operations constitute the total response time of a request, to pinpoint performance issues.

In this release, we have made a change to this feature.

Previously, all measurements with the same key were aggregated into a single Server-Timing header. Now, they all get their own Server-Timing. This prevents confusion between something being slow and something being performed many times.


Application Connector performance

In this version, we made the Application Connector smarter. It will now cache the information used to connect to the database. This makes synchronizing to IAM a little bit faster and will cause less database load.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • Indicium - When the Move file process action was used in a process flow, it would show an error without moving the files. This has been fixed.
  • We have fixed an issue with the $eager combined with Azure file storage. The $eager parameter allows you to retrieve the data from a table and have Indicium determine the hash value of all the files for the file columns specified in the $eager parameter.
    This hash value is placed into the download URL that Indicium returns for these files, making these URLs cacheable. The Universal GUI uses this mechanism to cache certain images. If the hash of a file could not be determined it had to be skipped, but due to an issue with Azure file storage, the entire request would fail. This has been fixed.