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Heads-up: Indicium Universal soon mandatory (2020.2)

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Heads-up: Indicium Universal soon mandatory (2020.2)

Having Indicium Universal running in an environment has been optional since Thinkwise Platform version 2019.2, to be able to run the Universal GUI.

For Thinkwise Platform version 2020.1, Indicium Universal was also required to be able to leverage the scheduling feature.

Starting with Thinkwise Platform version 2020.2, an active Indicium Universal will be mandatory for the platform to function correctly.

Indicium & Indicium Universal

Indicium comes in two flavors, which are both actively supported:

The Indicium runtime component has been in service for a long time. This variant is used as back-end for the Mobile GUI and 3-tier Windows GUI.

However, the required runtime component will be Indicium Universal, currently used for scheduling and as a back-end for Universal. When providing api's to external parties, this runtime component is best suited for the job as well.

Note: Both an Indicium and Indicium Universal runtime can be active at the same time for a Thinkwise Platform environment without any problems.

Thinkwise Platform 2020.2

The upcoming new version of the Thinkwise Platform will leverage scheduling and some other autonomous mechanisms, which will be executed by Indicium Universal.

Indicium Universal will be required for both development environments running the Software Factory as well as end-product environments running an Intelligent Application Manager and end-products.

Infrastructural requirements

Indicium Universal typically runs on a webserver connected to the internet or as a managed web app in the cloud. However it is not required that this webserver is exposed to inbound traffic from the web. An internal server would work just as well.

However, an integrated licensing renewal mechanism (which will be detailed in the upcoming release event) will require Indicium to perform outbound web calls. Indicium Universal will also require this level of connectivity when scheduling http connectors calling web resources are used by your product.

Version 2020.2 of the Thinkwise Platform is scheduled to be released in June.

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