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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.1.14)

  • 22 February 2021
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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.1.14)
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Hello everyone,

in this sprint, we improved the loading time for DevExpress reports, and we solved some issues.

You can read the GUI user manual to read about the Windows and Web GUI's features. We'll keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.



Reduced loading time for DevExpress reports (Web)

To reduce the loading time when opening a DevExpress report for the first time, the assembly needed for the DevExpress is preloaded during application warm-up in the bootstrap.ashx.

To activate the application warm-up, please check the documentation.



Task dialog height is now adjusted by the layout (Web)

When a field in a task dialog is hidden outside the form using the layout, the dialog will now adjust the height based on the visible fields on the form.

Dialog height


Fixes and tasks

Activate document from a process flow on a variant subject (Web)

We investigated an issue in the Web GUI where a document, opened earlier in the process flow, was not activated again by using the Activate Document process flow action. Two causes have been found and solved:

  1. In the Software Factory, the Activate Document process action is not subject variant-specific (yet). We've fixed the Web GUI, so it won't take the variant into account while looking up the document to be activated when the process variable document_id is not given or faulty.
  2. Process variable document_id was ignored because of its datatype in the Software Factory. Our Windows GUI uses an incremental number for this, so datatype 'INT' is fine. The Web GUI uses a number too, but also attaches the tab ID to it, which makes the expected datatype a 'VARCHAR'.
Process variable document_id


Capital letter behavior support in Grid (Windows)

Capital letter behavior is now supported in the grid.

Capital letter support


User session logging for reports (Web)

In some cases, an executed report action was not registered in the user logging of IAM when working with the Web GUI. We've tested several cases and fixed the logging where needed.

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I've tested the version for reducing the loading time of a DevExpress report, but unfortunately there isn't any improvement. I've tested it on an Azure App Service compared to version 2020.2.22.

I think I've configured it properly as I see the content of startup.htm when restarting the app service. But the first time to open a DevExpress report still takes around 50 seconds. The next time I open (another) report it's around 5 seconds which is I think is OK.

I did however find probably a typo in the documentation, but I'm not sure:

I've changed the extension to ashx (because that file actually exists, opening Bootstrap.aspx gives a 404) and I noticed that the content of startup.htm was showing a bit longer. However it still did not reduce the loading time.

Any suggestions?

Br, René

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Hi René,

You are correct about the typo. We will fix that asap.

In our test it took about 5 seconds the first time to open a report and the second time <1s. In this case we talk about a simple report.

Did you investigate the queries executed by the report to the database and the query plan optimisation of it already? Maybe you can get some quick wins there?

Maybe test some reports with different complexity?

Regards, Erik

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Hi Erik,

I've performed some tests to find out. Seems to me that the 'complexity' of the report does affect the initial loading time. I've created a “dummy” report with only the content of the table sf_product_info. The report “Purchase order” went from ~37 seconds to ~12 seconds. Opening the report for a second time (another “id” to prevent caching) takes only 1~2 seconds. This is a relatively simple report with a header and body (2 views used). Another report which is a bit more complex (3 views used, some code to convert view contents to an image) did not really change; from ~46 seconds to ~43 seconds. For this report it also applies that when you open it a second time (with different content) it loads within 1 to 2 seconds.

As far I can see the query's are fast. They should be, because the database I've tested is almost empty. But I cannot exactly reproduce / see what the reporting components does, all I can see / test is query's via SSMS.

Once a report (i.e. Report “Purchase order”) is opened, other reports are also fast (i.e. “Warehouse overview”). This makes it a bit strange and looks like the preloading via bootstrap.ashx is not performed properly.

Waiting 1, 2 or 3 seconds is acceptable, waiting 10 seconds or more (40) is not. I cannot explain people that if they are ‘the first’ they have to wait that long. Testing on almost empty or reports with low complexity are not real scenarios if you ask me. All reports I've seen so far are way more complex than we currently use via the Thinkwise platform.

We’re currently not satisfied with this solution, I hope you agree on that. I'm really looking for a solution that preloads the DevExpress reports. Writing a macro / application that runs a dummy report every hour, just to keep the performance OK, is not the way to go I think, but is currently what I'm thinking of.

Br, René