Task to copy Filter/Search order numbers from column order numbers.

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Currently you can only copy between filter and search order numbers. It would be really neat if we can copy the order numbers from the column order numbers.

This is because sometimes when you change the order numbers on the columns the filter/search order numbers wont change with them and the filter popup gets really messy. And it's annoying to manually reset these filter order numbers.


Hi Jordy,

I had a similar idea, which is already implemented in the upcoming 2023.2 release. Here is the upcoming release note:

it is now also possible to copy the order and visibility settings from a grid or form to the filter or search functionality. You can use these tasks in the same way as the existing tasks, for example, to apply a form's setup to the search functionality. Of course, you can also use these tasks for a first setup and then deviate from it.

The following new tasks are available:

  • tab Data > Filter > task Copy from grid
  • tab Data > Filter > task Copy from form
  • tab Data > Search > task Copy from grid
  • tab Data > Search > task Copy from form

The order will be copied by default, but the visibility not. You can select whether you want to copy the visibility or not.

The order will be copied one-to-one. The visibility will be transformed:

  • If the form/grid type is 'editable' or 'read-only', the visibility will be transformed to 'always'.
  • If the form/grid type is 'hidden', the visibility will be transformed to 'never'.

subjects copyCopy the order and visibility from a grid or form to a filter

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