Rename TW deployer executable

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Currently when downloading a TW Suite upgrade, the downloaded folder contains 2 TW deployer executables:

  1. twdeployer
  2. twdeployerGUI

I find it confusing that the executable, that starts the deployment tool, is currently the twdeployerGUI. Based on the names, I would expect that the executable, which I have to use, is the twdeployer. However this executable is used to start the deployer while using command prompt.

Therefor I would suggest, change the name of this executable. So for example twdeployerCONSOLE or twdeployerCMD.

If any of you has a better suggestion, feel free to post it as a reply to this post.
The thing I don't understand is the fact it is such a technical name.

Just name it 'Installer' or something you immediately recognize as the installer.

Most people don't even know what a GUI is; Also twdeployer is an abbreviation for "Thinkwise Deployer".

Also the config files have .exe in their name, while it isn't an .exe file. Looking at other software, I mostly see .config