Model rights tab available for each SF object (table, task, report etc.).

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I would like the model rights tab to be available for each SF object (table, task, report etc). 

When you change a table you also have to change the role rights (e.g. new column). Now you have to open the model rights from the menu and search for the object.  

The same counts for functionality. I would like to change functionality at the place where it is related to. When I add parameters to a task, I would like to be able to change the default, layout and task functionality in the context of this task.  

Hi @Andre te Raa,

An idea already exists on how to deal with rights for children when granting rights to their parents: 

Feel free to add a comment there and to vote on it.

Do you agree that I alter your idea, so it only focuses on the functionality part?

Hi @Jeroen van den Belt,

It's not only the effect of granting rights to an object on its childs, but more the availability of the rights tab as mentioned in the post by  Harm Horstman.


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