Merge SSO login in Universal GUI rather than using Indicium Login

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Hello everyone,

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the existing Universal GUI Login screen having the option for login in to the Applications either via existing local account (IAM) or click on a button “Sign in with Microsoft” ?


We have currently 6k+ seafarer Users using our app with Local IAM account and planning to introduce another 300 Office Users having their Microsoft SSO enabled. 

  1. User experience will be changed for our existing 6k + seafarer users using the application as a Mobile App.
  2. Using the SSO brings a long process to login for both users types (office, seafarers). For the office users it is only once until session expiration, but for our seafarers it will always be the case for each login.

Right now if enabling the SSO with Microsoft or other external provider you have to be redirected through Indicium Login. This defeats the purpose of having the custom.css on the Universal GUI. This SSO should be merged into a Universal Login.

Indicium to be left as only an Admin tool not being accessible by simple users unless specifically mentioned in the URL.

Since applications are developed on Universal GUI then their login should remain on same interface.



Hi voters,

The information about OAuth providers (soon to be migrated from the appsettings to IAM) and the upcoming locatization for login flows, reset password, 2FA and such is currently not available to the (static) Universal GUI. This data, like all data defined in IAM, requires authorization to access.

We’d need a ‘guest’ user in IAM to allow this information to be shared with Universal before login, which is a completely new feature in and of its own.

In short - for now this information is only accessable to Indicium.


Instead of providing this information to Universal somehow, we’d rather strive towards moving the login flow to Indicium entirely, allowing for the same customization options that Universal offers for the Indicium login screen as well.

I’d like to hear your opinion on this. If this fits well we can merge the votes into this idea:


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Hi @Anne Buit , @Mark Jongeling ,

Your comment is understood and sounds reasonable. When will we be having these changes released to us?

My only concern would be the transition of existing users from Universal Login to Indicium and the behaviour comparing the 2 logins. For the O365 logins anyway we have them on Indicium login, even though we go through the Universal Login page.


We can move the Votes and merge to the other idea.


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Hi @Mark Jongeling 

I already replied and have accepted the fact to merge to the referred one, can you apply the change?



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