Lookup combo values based on table value function

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When adding or updating a record I often find myself in a situation where I would like the selection (combo lookup) of field C to be filtered based on values I have set in fields A and B. Currently the Software Factory only allows you to create such a behavior when you include fields A and B to the lookup reference column list. This poses a bit of an issue when for example you would like to filtered based upon a date field.

There is a better way to create such behavior. If the Software Factory would allow you to determine the lookup combo values based upon a tabled value function. You could then include the values of fields A and B into the parameter set of the function. 


We are working on allowing function-typed tables to be created in the Software Factory. That will solve this idea :smile:

@Mark Jongeling since your comment is from 1.5 year ago and I am not sure when this was set to status Planned: can we expect this solution to be included in Release 2023.2?

PlannedOn the backlog
We are still planning on doing this, but it hasn’t been worked on for quite some time now. I'll set the status to On the backlog to reflect the status of the implementation.

Hi @Mark Jongeling ,

Does this also include alignment of the combos, only the combo control now allows for example to show image and text.. Does this also gets to be included in this idea and a reference lookup?  Especially in the latter it's something we're missing.  In our case a status.. Where I want to see the icon + text.

Hi Freddy,

I do think that is a separate idea to this. This idea focusses on populating a combo box using the dataset retuned by a function-typed table.

  • ‘Not yet available’ A function-typed table is read-only and uses a [table-valued function](#table-valued-function-as-a-table) generated by the Software Factory as a data source. It can solve performance problems if data in a query is filtered based on parameters instead of retrieving all data and then filtering.

I see i can add one on the design screen and it add with table type 2 

and it generates a function deff

Coold it be possible to make it a “ multi-statement table-valued functions “  i see the one that is created now  is a single statement

Hi @Marco Maat,

It does seem to be present indeed, but I highly discourage you from using this functionality as this is not yet support by our runtimes (Indicium, GUI's etc.).

The current intended way of creating these table valued function is through Subroutines. I'm afraid I do not have a timeline of when we (finally) can release this as table type.

Edit: Next Windows GUI version (2023.3.11.0) will no longer show the option to add the unsupported table type.