Indicium Universal translations

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We require a change of the translations of the “Forgot Password” link in the Universal Login page as well as the subsequent screen objects in Indicium Universal as they do not really correspond to our liking.


There needs to be a way to have access to the translations of these screen objects to be customizable according to the corresponding audience that is using the application.

Hi @mperrott

The labels on the Universal login page cannot be translated by the developer yet (we need a user to login before we can load the translations from the model), but we do have plans to implement a solution for this in the future. 

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Updated idea statusPlannedWorking on it!

We are currently working on a solution where the login labels, buttons, messages and hyperlinks can be freely configured for Indicium Universal and Web.

The login labels for Universal will not yet be configurable. Instead, we are considering always delegating the login process for Universal to Indicium Universal.

This is currently already the case for any environment using OpenID providers, for login flows using 2FA and for certain authentication-related actions such as set- or reset password when logging in.

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