Execute a system flow from the SF (for development purposes)

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  • 22 December 2020

After creating a system flow if you want to test it there are 2 options: create a starting point in the GUI and run it is a process flow, or sync to IAM and test as a scheduled system flow there. I would like to have another option which is execute the system flow from the software factory itself. This will speed up the development process and give the developer more tools to create a working system flow. 

A button like the execute button in Dynamic Model would be great :smile: 

There is a third way.

As of Indicium Universal version 2020.2.12, you can start a system flow by using an API call. This way, you can start the flow with the push of a button from a tool like Postman or Insomnia, without having to change it in any way.

The API call should look like this:


Including the necessary authentication, of course.

Great that there is a way to run it like that, but that could be made into the SF by selecting a button/executing a task. It does require the neccesary information but it would make testing the System flow more easy.

Thanks for adding the 3th option Vincent, even though this does make the process more easy. I don't think using an external tool to test SF functionality is the best way to go. Also you first have to setup the connection in Postman so this still takes some time. Therefore the wish still stands. 

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After a long day of hard work I can announce that we have a first version of your idea implemented in the 2021.3 Software Factory. 

:warning:This functionality makes use of the Indicium (Universal). Indicium offers Process flows as an API which we can use for this purpose. To be able to test System flows, Indicium has to be active for the IAM database where the Software Factory is in.



Another welcomed addition is that the Process action type column is now a Lookup field. This way it is more easy to only select process actions that are System flow actions:

Process action types

Once you have created your System flow and it meets the System flow requirements, it will show a new Task in the Process flows screen, named Test System flow.

Test System flow task


And if everything went well, you will get a confirmation:


If anything goes wrong during the test, a message will be given with the returned status code and HTTP status code. This way it is possible to find out what went wrong. 


In the Process Flow screen it is now visible whether the flow is a System flow:

New column: is_system_flow


This idea is still a work-in-progress but I'm happy to share the progress. We will now focus on the final touches.

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