Easier way to add tags to objects

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Currently the tag tab is only available within the full model object. It would be a whole lot easier, and faster, if these tag tabs were also available within the modellers such as: task (+parameters), report (+parameters), data model + subject modeller (tab and columns).
Hello Arjan,

This idea has been rejected in the past because this is an advanced feature. And only basic features are shown in the regular screens. This results in the "happy flow" being supported and that it is easier to learn to start working with the Software Factory.

I'm not sure if this arguments still holds or that the community generally feels like it would be better to show these tags.

Why not make this a setting per developer? Just add a checkbox to the employee table within the SF and add a context context procedure showing the tag-tabs based on this setting. Make the default setting 'not-show-tags'.
Dear Ester,

I think people who work with the SF daily are not the type of people who want something that is "easier to learn to start working with". And I think that while a "happy flow" is very nice for someone new, as soon as you dive into the depths of the SF you are no longer interested in a simple "bare-bone" interface.

Maybe you need to change the SF such that a user can either select options that he wants to see or just choose between a simple (beginners) interface and an advanced interface.

So I Support Robert Jan and say "SHOW TAGS! SHOW TAGS!"
From the reactions, I'd expect this idea to have a few more votes.. 🤔
I think we're still getting used to the new system 😛 (I just upvoted it btw)
A few people told me that they had voted. Somehow the votes seem to have been reset, or something like that.
@Arjan Sollie Can you ask them again?
I have voted (again).
same 🙂