Default values in software factory

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3 small adjustments in the software factory that can simply increase developer productivity.


Default settings for Performance Parameters of columns and task parameters:

Set Default / Layout / Context to “False” by default



Task 'Create Detail Reference'

Show Lookup to “False” by default



Task 'Create Lookup Reference'
Show Detail defaults to False


This save a lot of mouse clicks ensures that Default, Layout and Context Procedures do not immediately give error messages when adding new columns or task parameters.

Hi @Harm Horstman, can I please improve on your idea?

For the ‘Default settings for Performance Parameters‘ part. I’d like to have them removed / read only. I think this should be derived from the associated templates. Are you using a certain parameter, then make turn the checkbox on. Don’t use it any longer, turn it off… As a developer I do not want to think about trivial stuff like this.

Regarding references, I’m not fussed. Just happy there is a default rather than a ‘null’ checkbox. Perhaps have this as a default model setting?

In a lot of cases you create a reference in order to be able to show a detail or a lookup.

Hello @Robert Jan de Nie ,

Thanks for your response!

I completely agree that it would be best if you didn't have to think at all about whether or not to activate the performance parameters. And that SF itself detects whether parameters have been used in the associated templates.

And about the default for references.... You could simply do an analysis of all references that you have created in the past. If you run the query below on any model database, I expect that you will also see that there are relatively few references where the 'show detail' option and the 'show lookup' option are equal.

show_lookup = SUM(CASE WHEN show_look_up = 1 AND show_detail = 0 THEN 1 END)
, show_detail = SUM(CASE WHEN show_look_up = 0 AND show_detail = 1 THEN 1 END)
, show_both = SUM(CASE WHEN show_look_up = 1 AND show_detail = 1 THEN 1 END)
, hide_both = SUM(CASE WHEN show_look_up = 0 AND show_detail = 0 THEN 1 END)
FROM ref

Particularly for lookups, it is often not desirable that the 'show detail' is also turned on, because this automatically makes unwanted details visible and context errors can also arise.


NB: As we as developers are in our routine, we often forget how many unnecessary mouse clicks we make every day. These are just a few examples. I think most of us will know some more examples of how to speed up app development with the SF by making just a few of these little smart tweaks.



It would also be nice to tell into the description what is meant by what.

The “Source and target table” description is “vague”. It is not clear what the referencing table and the table containing the key is. 

This is always a problem, I believe that a “pointer” references an object, so “multi” references “single”. That seems to be the other way around in this task popup. It might be good to clarify which field represents the “reference” and which the “key” in this popup.