Customize the display of user information in the application bar

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For example, change the username displayed in the application bar to first name and last name.


Hi @Daisuke Kajiki,

The information that is shown here, should depend on your user settings in IAM. In my case is see my full name presented.

Universal GUI:


Can you (let someone) check if your first name and surname are filled in your IAM?

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Hi @Jeroen van den Belt 

I set my full name in the IAM user settings, but it wasn't reflected in the GUI.
Am I forgetting anything other than IAM settings?

Hi @Daisuke Kajiki ,

The user's name is presented in the top right corner of the Universal GUI like this:

Not my real name of course ;)

It does differ for accessing the Universal GUI via IAM or SF. When accessing from IAM, the name is presented like set in IAM (Users). Three rules for that:

  1. If the First name and Sur name are filled, these will be concatenated with a space in between
  2. If only the First name is filled, that value will be shown
  3. If neither First name and Last name is filled, the GUI will fall back on the User id

When accessing from SF, the name shown is the Name field in SF (Users). If that one is empty, the User id will be used.

Can you confirm this?

Hi @Mark Jongeling 

I set my full name in the Name Field in SF (User), but the user id is displayed in the upper right corner of the Universal.



Hi @Daisuke Kajiki,

The only logical way that the Universal GUI is showing your dbo.tsf_user() name is because it cannot find your user's record in the User table. 

The following code is used in the SF to determine your username:

coalesce((select t1.usr_name from usr t1 where t1.rdbms_user_id = dbo.tsf_user()), dbo.tsf_user()) as "name"

It will try to find your user name in the Users table inside the SF based on your login name (dbo.tsf_user()). But it is probably unable to find it due to an empty rdbms_user_id field. Fill this field with the username as returned by the dbo.tsf_user() function; in my case that would be d_kajiki

This should resolve it, can you confirm?

Hi @Daisuke Kajiki,

I had talked with Kevin and we found out that Universal GUI doesn't use the Name field, but only the first- and last name fields of the returned data. Due to these fields not existing in the SF, the Universal GUI will fallback in showing the usr_id - d_kajiki in your case.

I will discuss with my team for the 2022.1 release.

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This will come available in the Software Factory version 2022.1 :grin:

Hi @Mark Jongeling 

Thank you very much.
I look forward to the release of Software Factory version 2022.1