Create and Assign Tenants in Software Factory

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Hi since we have the Default User Group, 
It would be a nice follow up it with the tenant system that we have from the IAM.
This will help us configure the tenants in SF easily before syncing to IAM or deployment.


Hi @Jefferson Delacruz,

What challenge would the implementation of this idea solve for you?

Default user groups can be created in the Software Factory and have roles assigned to it. After synchronizing to IAM, these User groups may be moved or copied to other Tenants. Usually a developer does not know which Tenants are present in IAM and what User groups and Roles should be assigned to it.

Looking forward hearing from you 😁

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Hi Mark,
The challenges would be setting up the user groups only available for specific tenants itself. Currently my colleague is in the process of moving user groups from IAM to SF and we found a case where a user group specifically is only available for tenants.

Also in the IAM when creating user groups you choose between default and the defined tenant(s).


Hi Jefferson,

Does the Post-synchronization code suffice? In here you can provision default user groups and change the Tenant if you desire. You can make use of this code: 

declare @default_tenant_id tenant_id

@default_tenant_id = tenant_id
from tenant
where default_tenant = 1

-- Assign the default user groups and corresponding roles to the default tenant
exec task_provision_default_authorization
@project_id = @project_id,
@project_vrs_id = @project_vrs_id,
@gui_appl_id = @gui_appl_id,
@tenant_id = @default_tenant_id

After this, you can move user groups to the desired Tenant.

More information here: 


Thanks for the quick reply but what we need is to be able to assign user groups per tenant group, and there are times that a site can have multiple tenants. Running this code multiple times manually is not ideal. Having the feature itself in the software factory would be better.

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