Change order of columns for table task parameters

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  • 16 April 2021

I understand that this issue has already been addressed in 

However currently the order is confusing in the following way:

  • Order of first column is: Table - Task
  • Order of secord column is Task parameter - Column (so reverse from first column)

I would like that the first and second column match. So this basically means that the order in the first column should be reversed (starting with Task and continue with Table).

PS This also applies for Table task parameters within subjects

PPS Why are project and version visible from the subject and not from the task? Showing project and version is not something I see on other forms, so maybe removing them will be an extra bonus.

I can understand this might be visibly confusing but for a majority of developers I work with, they tend to want to connect a Task parameter to a Table Column, and not the other way around. 

Table and Task are placed like this as it is still a Table task. Normally there's no need to alter any field under General and is the only thing that we fill in the Task parameter and Column.

I have no problem with the order of the columns within the Description group.

I only want the columns in the General group to match those in the Description group. For me it doesn't matter that the functionality is called table task.

I understand :thumbsup_tone1: 

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Hi Roy,

Your idea has been implemented and will come available with the 2021.3 release. The project and project version columns were not supposed to be there so that is fixed too. It has also been adjusted for Table report parameters. Here is how it will look in Table task parameters:

tab_task screen in 2021.3

(It did not make the 2021.2 release due to time-limit constraints, that release is currently being tested)

Thank you for your idea to improve the platform!

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I noticed that on Subject>Links>Drag-drop>Drag-drop parameters the order is still the old way. To bring this in line with table-tasks, you may want to switch these also: