Automatically expand grouped rows in a grid

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Currently, grouped columns open by default with all groups closed and only the top row expanded, like this:

I would like to have an option in the subject to open all grouped columns by default. Then it will look like this when I open the document:


This option is already available for the tree settings, but not yet for grouped columns.


We’re also struggling with this not being possible. When this will be implemented it would also be great to have a bit more control, for example in the tree setting you’ve got a setting to determine how many levels you want to expand. This would come in handy 😀

Could someone give an update concerning the implementation of this topic? 

Since the grouped columns are a powerful UX tool to group large sets of records. , we would also like to see the possibility to by default have all rows closed. Since more often than not, our users do not want to open the first record.