Add conflicts prefilter to Merging>Actions

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  • 13 October 2020

When merging a branch you see all actions that have been performed on both project and branch. Currently there is just one prefilter for root actions. Looking at the columns there is no "Has conflicts” column that I can use to quickly find the conflicting actions.

But in the end a "Has conflicts” prefilter would be great to quickly find those actions that need your attention. And basically merging is all about finding conflicts and resolving them.

Hi Roy,

When there are conflicts to solve, a tab 'Conflicts’ will be visible. Is that enough insights into what conflicts there are? What would the tab Actions tell more than the tab Conflicts?

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Hi @Roy van Uffelen,

We would still like to hear your input on the question Mark asked a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance!​​​​​​

Hi Mark & Jeroen,

I think this question was one of my first merges, and at the time there were no conflicts in that particular merge. Now I know that if there are conflicts there is also a conflicts tab.

A prefilter or conditional layout on the actions would be nice.

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