Use uploaded images/icons in maps HTML pop-up template

  • 1 April 2020
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Users can upload their own logos or icons for a relation (company or person) within the software.

We’ve tried to visualize these social media icons and logos in the maps component HTML pop-up template. The icons are retrieved in an underlying view based on the data in the table ‘relation’ and added as an url to the HTML body of the pop-up.

Unfortunately uploaded icons are not shown via the Windows GUI with Indicium. Also because the icons are uploaded to a fileshare where only the application pool user has read/write rights.

It would be nice if uploaded logos/icons could be viewed within the Maps HTML pop-up template.


2 replies

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Hi K.Bakkenes,

Would it be an option to store the images in the database, so you can include the Base64 image data in the HTML?

For example by using an expression column as the HTML Popup Column of the maps component, with a SQL expression like this:

'<div><h1>' + t1.title_column + '</h1>
<img src="data:image/png;base64,'
+ cast('' as xml)
.value('xs:base64Binary(xs:hexBinary(sql:column("t1.image_data")))', 'nvarchar(max)')
+ '"/>


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Hi Jasper,

thank you for your suggestion. I tested it and everything seems to work fine. The logo is shown in the HTML pop-up template of the Maps component and is also visible in a form.|

Image is shown in HTML pop-up template
The form of the ‘Relation’ table still shows the image in the ‘Image upload’ column