Reset user specific sort order to default sort of subject when opening a screen

  • 19 August 2019
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We have a table with more than 6 million 'trade item' records (and a top(1000) set via 'Subjects'). A user is allowed to change the sort order of the screen. Some sort orders will result in a freeze of the screen. The user can't reset the sort order to the default (from the TSF) because the screen won't open anymore. Even when closing and opening it again.
We could disable sorting completely but we don't want that.

The only way to resolve this is deleting the user preference from IAM. But this has to be done by the support department.

It would be a nice addition if we can configure the sort order (made by a user) to reset when opening/closing a screen.

1 reply

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I would suggest you to disable sorting per column from the SF. I think it is not acceptable for the user for the subject to freeze anyway after changing any sorting whether it will be saved as user preferences or not.

Another option is to present the user a filtered set of data to work with, so changing the sorting is less expensive.

Regards, Erik