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Reporting service pick reports from IAM Database (v2020.2)

  • 24 August 2020
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Since the 2020.2 version reports are stored in the database in stead of in a directory.

As far as I know the reporting service stil requires that the report is stored in a directory. 

The stored procedure rpt_get_reports now needs a parameter report_file_spec.

You should be albe to use a report from a IAM database. Then it would be required to declare a connection string for the IAM database in the INI file of the reporting service. As extra parameters in the stored proc rpt_get_reports the project_id, version_idid (if nulll then use last version..)  and reportname are needed

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Hi Eric,

The plan is to replace the reporting service with system flows in Indicium, as soon as the necessary process actions are available.