Location Control (GPS) for mobile devices

  • 4 February 2019
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I wish to have a (GPS) location control available in SF, for track and trace scenarios.

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I'm not sure what you mean by a GPS Location Control in the SF. Is the Maps extender perhaps right for you? If you don't already use it, Thinkwise can add the extender in the GUI packages for download.

We use it in a few displays in our project for tracking&tracing and Geo Fencing purposes.

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I think what Harm means is to have a control which, on mobile devices, is automatically filled with the GPS coordinates.

This is definitely something we want for the new Universal GUI, but it probably won't be developed for the current Mobile GUI. Unless this idea gets a lot of votes, of course 😉
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Ah, indeed, I was mislead by the SF part in the Wish. But such a control in the mobile version could come in handy when measuring the borders of a terrain or when calling in a a stranded vehicle in our case for example. So I'm definately going to vote for this one...
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Henri and Jasper,

Thanks for your response!

I like to make use of the current GPS location in the mobile GUI, to allow giving the user calculated suggestions for nearby objects or addresses based on lat/long data. A typical scenario is to measure progress or update a status of objects in the field.

For photo's we already make use of a similar functionality, but this was achieved by a much more complicated routine, making use of Azure logic apps to extract lat/long data from images. See below to get an idea.

I really hope this functionality wll become available in the Mobile GUI soon.

When will the Universal GUI be general available?
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Hi all,

Because this idea got a lot of votes, this feature has been implemented in the Mobile GUI! ☺

It is available from version 2019.1.009 and only works on Mobile devices. (so it doesn't work in the Electron viewer)
To use it, add the control LOCATION to your Software Factory and start using it in domains. Note that the domains that use it do need to use an alphanumeric datatype.

For fields that have this control configured, you'll notice a location pin to the right of the input field. Once clicked, it will ask permission and fill in the current coordinates in the input field. The format in which the coordinates will be filled in is:

So for example:

When creating a row, the location control will automatically fill in the current location for empty mandatory input fields.

See it in action in the video below:

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Cool! You make my day! 👍🏻😀