Disabling the possibility to make changes to generated screen types

  • 28 May 2019
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When screen types are defined in a Base project and thus imported/genereated into a working projectversion, it is still possible to change them. All changes, however, will be lost after generating the definition of the version.

When a mix of generated and new, specially for a version created, screen type exist one can easily make the mistake of changing a screen type in a working projectversion instead of in the base project where a screen type is generated from,

For generated domains editing it is already disabled in the SF, so why not of screen types. Or for all generated items for that matter.

1 reply

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For your information, we have a feature scheduled to optimize the generation process. Instead of deleting and recreating all generated objects when generating, the SQL merge statement will be used to only synchronize the changes.

Another part of this project is to ensure that not every generated object can be adjusted. This certainly also applies to screen types.