Deploy selected program objects to database

  • 29 June 2020
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Business Logic > Functionality & Full model > Program objects


When assigning a template of a control procedure to a program object you can go to the result-tab and place it on the database by pressing execute.

You can add a template to multiple program objects. When executing it to the database it will automatically deploy all program objects in which the template is available.

When changing a template I want to test it first on one program object instead of all at once. This is currently not possible.

However when I decide to remove or unassign a template from a program object this change is only installed onto the database by deploying it (or changing the actual stored procedure on the database). It is not possible to see which program objects are affected and update these.

It even happened that removing a template results in errors while testing the application.


I want to see all program objects for which a template and/or assignment has changed, but that is currently not deployed to the database.

Then I want to select one or more program objects and deploy these to the database.

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Hey Roy,

It is possible to only execute one or more program objects. When you filter in Program objects, only the program objects that are shown are executed.