Deactivate Execute merge session when there are unresolved merge conflicts

  • 20 August 2019
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On a merge session if there are merge conflicts you can still press the button execute merge session. However this will result in an error message since there are still unresolved conflicts. Since it makes no sense to execute the session in this state deactivate the Execute merge session button when there are unresolved merge conflicts.

3 replies

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Should'nt it instead of throw an error display a proper message that there are still unresolved conflicts? Maybe that is already the case, I don't know for sure. I just wanted to add that If the button is disabled people might not intuitively know why and get stuck..
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It does show a proper message upon execution. But it just seemed odd that you could execute a task that you are not actually allowed to execute.
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Disabling actions is not always desirable from a UX point of view if it is not clear why the action is not allowed. Especially if there are multiple possible causes, we choose to leave the action switched on and to show an error message on execution with the reason why it isn't possible.