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Calculation of form column width in GUI

  • 25 February 2019
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I'm not sure how the current width of a forms column is calculated, but I think it would be an improvement when the broadest total of pixels of a label and field in one column would determine the widht of a column in a form. See my examples of what I mean. When one field is made wider than what is the common width of "label + field width in pixels", the field is placed over the information in the second column (in this case just a group label, but it might as well be a label and field together, thus making it impossible to enter a value in that particular field) .

After making the e-mail field wider than normal:

1 reply

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The reason it works this, somewhat cumbersome, way in the Windows user interface is that it enables a developer to create a field that spans multiple columns. The web user interface however works exactly as you suggest it should work.

For the Universal user interface we are going to improve this behaviour so that you can specify the number of columns that a field should span, with any adjacent fields automatically being moved downwards.