Task to control a process flow

  • 18 January 2019
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Sometimes I use a task (button) to start a process flow. The task in itself actually does nothing, it only calls the process flow. For these kind of tasks I use the tasktype ‘Stored procedure’ and leave the template empty. I noticed that there are other tasktypes available that are not described (like ITP Interface). Could one of these tasktypes be a better option here?

Best answer by Jasper 30 January 2019, 11:21

In version 2018.2 we added the task type None specifically for this purpose.
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4 replies

The tasktype 'Stored Procedure' appears to be a fine option for this construction. It's not necessary to link a template to the task.
The ITP Interface is not supported anymore. This used to be a link to the ITP document generation system.
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In version 2018.2 we added the task type None specifically for this purpose.
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Is 'none' the right name for this? I mean, the only purpouse is (I guess) starting a process flow. Why not call it what it is, something like 'Manual process flow execution'?

Edit: Thinking about this, 'none' could also be used to retrieve additional information, where the fields can be filled from the default procedure. This saves space, by not needing a tab or even a complete form on a list of (read-only) information.
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When you compare it to 2018.2, 'None' might seem a bit weird. However, all types have been renamed in 2018.3 to better reflect the type of logic that is used in this task.

This is why it's called 'None'.


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