SF - Prefilter "My projects"

  • 6 December 2019
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The new version of the SF 2019.2 has a new prefilter "My projects” who's default active. The Software Factory doesn't recognize our NIVERPLAST project as "My project” anymore. I don't know the exactly prefilter conditions but probably this prefilter is watching to the database-user in combination with the user who created the project in the SF or something like that? 

For me it feels like a bug but maby there is a good explanation for it? 


Project: (Hidden behind prefilter "My projects” )


Prefilter "My projects” default ON 



1 reply

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Hey Dennis,

The addition of that prefilter also caught me by surprise, but I found out that under Menu > Settings > User > Runtime configuration, you can active projects. By checking the box next to the project, the project will be one of your projects.


Hope this helps!