Numerical field is shown across label in Universal GUI popup window

  • 19 November 2020
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Pop-up screens (using Universal GUI) show numeric fields straight through the respective labels. This problem occurs when using Chrome and Edge. With mutable fields, the content of the field does become visible when it receives focus (by clicking), but as soon as the focus disappears from the field the number and label shift again. By changing the designation MultiInputLabel to MultiInputLabel-shrink in the HTML code, the problem (for that session) seems to disappear.

1 reply

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Hi Marc,

Which version of the Universal GUI are you using? Recently we release the 1.6.1 version of the GUI with a lot more fixes. Could you check if upgrading to the latest GUI solves the problem?

If the latest version does not solve this, please report this in TCP and create an issue. That way our Product Innovation team can solve this for an upcoming release. Thank you for figuring out where it goes wrong and finding a solution. Be sure to mention this in your issue and add a screenshot of the occurrence as this can help greatly. 

Thank you, kind regards,
Mark Jongeling