Import table columns in TSF

  • 23 July 2020
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It seems impossible to import rows to the column defintion in TSF because of mandatory fields.


2 replies

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Hello Harm,

This field determines in which order your columns should appear in a filter popup. Do you have a general order number column in your importfile, to determine the order of the columns in the table? You can use this same field to map it on the filter order number (and I expect this also applies to the search order number).

Does this help?

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Hi Jeroen,

Thank you, I understand, the purpose of the field.

This could be a solution, but this field and some other 'order_no’ field are hidden in the import screen, so there is no option to do what you suggested.

I think, the best solution for this, is to give these fields a default value, '99999’.