Zip file / Delete folder connector requires full path to Source folder

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Can somebody explain why the full path to the Source Folder (pointer) is required in a “Zip File” or “Delete Folder” connector (see image below)? 


For these connectors, a storage location is already specified in the Process Action. So, to let this process action work, we’ve to include the storage location in the path. However, this decreases the maintainability. Changing the Storage location in the model, will also require an update of the process flow.

I would expect a relative folder to be set in the “Source file or folder” for these actions.

Am i missing something?


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 1 March 2023, 11:19

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Hi André,

When implementing these process actions, the initial implementation led to that the Delete process actions and the Zip file use Absolute paths over Relative paths. That is due to for example the Write file path outputting the Absolute path for you to store in your database. That path can then be used to Delete the file.

We are aware this is causing more difficulties than being helpful and have User stories on our backlog to revise this. 

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Hi Mark,


Thanks for your reply. In the process flow the Write file connector is used, so i will investigate the possibility to retrieve the absolute path from the output.