Windows GUI, Indicium and redirection

  • 17 September 2019
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I’m working with the Windows GUI and indicium. I have a website ‘’.
I have a second website ‘’.
I’m not able to change the ini file of all the users at the right moment, so therefor
I would like to redirect users with the Windows GUI which still trying to reach the oldwebsite to the
Is this possible and if so, what is the best way to accomplish this?
Eric Bosman

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6 replies

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Hi Eric,

Right now there is no way to force Windows GUI's to redirect their calls to a different Indicium without changing the INI file.

We could configure the Windows GUI to automatically process http redirects. But this is not a very elegant solution:

  • The old webserver would have to be reconfigured to redirect every call to a corresponding address on the new web address using a 308 response code. Probably using a regex.
  • The old webserver will also have to keep running until all INI's have been reconfigured.
  • Performance-wise, this is not ideal as the GUI will not remember this, causing a duplication of the number of http calls.
  • You'd still need to release a new version of the Windows GUI to all clients enable this mechanism.
Do you think this solution is worth exploring further or do you expect this to only happen once?
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Thank you for your answer.
If it is not available now, as you say, then it will be to late for mee, because i need this within a short time.
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Hi Eric,

Is it possible to use (server-side) rewrites instead of redirects?
This way, it won't be necessary to update the Windows client.
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Hello Jasper,
Thanx fort he suggestion but it won’t work.

There are 3 reasons for which i will need a redirection/rewrite. The reasons are:

1 - Migration from a website to a webapplication (initially I have set up all the Evo environment as a website, but the drawback fort his, is that for every website i need reversed proxies and DNS records. So I’ve now choosen for the Evo environment as a webapplication)
- These migration have soon to been done
2 - Migration form our own cloud environment to Azure (I expect to be able to run the Evo environment at the end of the year in Azure. And then I need a method to migrate the existing Evo Environments)
3 - For support of a green/blue deployment (This is a concept of Octopus Deploy, which I have implemented for the current Evo environments, by switching the external bindings. But this technic is not possible when using webapplications. There for I am looking for a different technic.)

The drawback of rewrites is:
- It doesn’t works when the applicationpool is ‘no managed code’ and you advise to use this for indicium.
- it works alone inside a website or webapplication. It doesn’t work nicely if you want to go from one website to an other website or webapplication or from one webapplication to an other webapplication. At least all my efforts to get it running (yesterday) didn’t give a satisfying result.
- and as i have read - IIS URL rewrite must run in the same App Pool as the target application

But, do you support two different indicium’s pointing to the same IAM. If so this will be a solution for reason 1.

Any other suggestions for reason 2 and 3 are welcom.
Bye, Eric
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Hi Eric,

It is no problem at all to have multiple indicium instances use to the same IAM database, so that should solve your first problem.

Regarding the migration to Azure, it is also possible to have a local Indicium point to the Azure IAM database. Would this help?
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Hi Jasper,
Have been a little bit busy lately :-)
I will use your suggestions, Thanxs for your advise.
Bye for now,