What theme settings influences Filter fields?

Per request of our users, I am changing the theme of the Windows GUI to a “Dark” mode.

All is going quite well, until I open the filter form.

Marked in pink I have typed something (it is white text).

As everything is in a darker tint, the font colour is set to white, but in the Filter Form it is working against me. I did type something marked in the pink box.

What setting in the theme is responsible for the filter form Field colour and.or what is doing the text colour?

It does not seem to count as a “form” as those would look different in active mode:

Add mode in form (mandatory / free field).



Best answer by Mark Jongeling 17 June 2024, 16:01

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Hi @Mark_Plaggenborg,

Just to be sure, is there any custom CSS involved in this case?

@Jeroen van den Belt This is the Windows GUI, not the Universal GUI. There is no custom.css involved The Window GUI uses the Theme settings in the SF.

Part of Theme window

So which configuration is part of the Filter form?


Getting closer when experimenting with random changing of setting. The text is looking at this field:

Unfortunately that also changes the labels ofcourse.

Now to find out what takes care of the field….

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Hi Mark,

It appears to be that this cannot be influenced at the moment. 

Thanks for the answer, Mark. This is a bit unfortunate, but at least it is working as designed then.