View jpg on mobile GUI shows empth screen when opening

  • 23 November 2020
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We use the mobile interface extensively and 1 of the most used options is to use files and images to communicate. We are a bit struggling with this because not all of the JPG’s (image upload fileds) can be opened on mobile. We can see the thumbnail in the GUI but normally if you tick the thumbail the image can be viewed ‘large screen’.  With some jpg’s we see the thumbnail but when opening a white screen is shown. Can it be the file size of this particular image which is ca. 4,5 MB. It’s a picture create on a Canon Ixux. (As I can see in the image properties) 
If I upload a new image, from the camera of my mobile (Samsung A40) a jpg file is created as well and this file can be viewed when ticking the thumbnail. I see only a difference in file size…. 

What could be the cause that the view window is empty. (totally whie)



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Hi Edwin,

This looks like a bug in the Mobile GUI. Could you report this in TCP?

Handy to mention in the description is the Indicium URL, login details for a test account and the steps to take to see the faulty result; the image. This way our Mobile GUI team can help you effectively as this hasn't been an issue that occurred earlier.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Mark Jongeling

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Thanks, I created a TCP with all details and the specific JPG files. This topic can be closed