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I've implemented the new Toolbar component and the positioning works fine but I was wondering if the sizing of the icons will be supported.

I can enter the icon size in the component:



It's also called ‘Action Bar’ in the list on the right, is that correct? (TaskTiles are called ‘Taak tegels’ there as well Ive noticed)


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Hi Henk-Jan,

Are you combining different bars in the screen type or solely using the Action bar?

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I’m using on the the action bar with a list in the tab, with some detail tabs behind.

I've tried using the action bar outside of tabs but that didn't change anything, neither the CRUD icons nor the prefilter icons seem to change size

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Hi Henk-Jan,

May I ask you to create a ticket for this so the Universal team can look at this issue? 

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Done, it's ticket 6942S

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For the Universal GUI, we've chosen a little different approach of this setting. We do not support the massive icon sizes. Instead you can choose the Task/Report tiles component.

The different values in the screenmodeler are mapped like this:
    - 16, 20 => 20px

    - 24 => 28px

    - 32, 40, 48, 64 => 36px


The "Actionbar” component is currently implemented a little different from the other specific bar types, since you replace the entire subjects toolbar with this. Since you move all types of actions the icon size listens to the “height” of the bar component in the screentype. The same algoritm is applied here as described above with a max icon size of 36px. 

So this is different by design.