Test automation for applications build in Thinkwise

  • 13 January 2023
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Hi Everyone

I am looking into testtooling to automate regression tests for apps build with Thinkwise software factory. 

Does anyone here have experience with automating tests for Thinkwise applications and can you help me what tooling might be best compatible? We are looking into Toolchain, Cypress, Playwright and some others. Yet we are open for suggestions. I am really hoping that people have experience with Thinkwise and Test automation. 


Best regards, 
Marjolein Pordon


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3 replies

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Hi Marjolein,

Which tool you should use of course depends on the UI you want to run your tests on. Based on your considerations, I assume you are planning on testing in Universal. We ourselves use Cypress for testing Universal, we think this is a very powerfull tool and for us, this turned out to be the best fit. A few of our partners/customers are also (planning on) using Cypress, so this may be another valid reason for using this. 

Of course, other tools can also be used, I think Playwright could also be a good fit. It offers some more flexibility than Cypress, and it also supports other languages than just javascript/typescript. But you can ask yourself if you actually need this amount of flexibility. 

A few arguments why we picked Cypress: 

  • It is a developer friendly tool and it has a relatively low learning curve;
  • It is a framework that already has made decisions on the scale of e2e, integration, and visual testing.
  • It is a plugin ecosystem;
  • It can run isolated in a Docker environment, so that each test result keeps the same;
  • It includes a wait-strategy for finding DOM elements built-in;
  • It can run HTTP requests and System commands;

Regardless of which tool you plan to use, you can always use the test id’s that we’ve added to Universal. Please also check out this blog, which describes this in more detail: 


Hopefully this anwsers your question a bit. We are always curious to hear what you’ve came up with and also learn from our community’s best practises, so feel free to share this!


Kind regards,


Thanks @Marjolein Verstraten this helps a lot! We will test both winGui as Universal. Do you also have ideas for testing the winGui?

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We haven’t looked into testing the Windows GUI automatically (with external tools) recently, so I’m not able to properly anwser this question at the moment. In the past, we did do some research on Coded UI test (CUIT), so that could be an option for you. We do plan on researching this somewhere in the following year.

It is of course also possible to use the Test case recorder (Process tests module) which is included in the platform to create automated tests for the Windows GUI. Also see our Documentation on this topic: . Also, check out the new module for Smoketesting in the 2023.1 release:

A small addition: In principle it is not necessary to test the application in the Windows GUI. Even if you would use the Windows GUI for the final application, testing can still be done in Universal.