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  • 10 February 2019
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We would like to upgrade our Thinkwise suite from version 2017.1 to the latest 2018.3. I've got all the upgrade files ready. Our database names are of the following structure:

-APPLICATION_IAM_PROD (IAM and end product in production)
-COMPANY_DATA (company data model for live end product)

After ignoring the files for older suites there are 3 large upgrade scripts to be applied to the SF_ONT database. I've tested these on a copy of that database and all upgrades run without issues. After that the process becomes unclear for me however.

Do I also apply the files 030_checks.sql, 040_constraints etc to the SF_ONT database? If not, what do I do with these files?

After completing the upgrade on a copy of the SF_ONT database (for testing purposes) I would like to run the new SF version off of it. How do I switch to a different SF database so I can actually test if it's running fine?

IAM needs to be upgraded as well. Does someone have any advice in addition to the SF upgrade? Points I need to be aware of?

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Hi, welcome to the community site!

Regarding the first question - The Software Factory is a Thinkwise Platform product so the same SQL scripts are used when upgrading the Software Factory as any other product. This includes checks, constraints, etc.

However, you shouldn't have to run these scripts by hand. There is a deployment tool available which will help with the upgrade process. When you download the installation/upgrade package from the Thinkwise Community Portal, make sure you download it for version 2018.3 (the target version).

Extracting the package will provide a folder with an executable called twDeployerGUI.exe.

You can use this tool to upgrade APPLICATION_IAM_ONT, APPLICATION_SF_ONT and APPLICATION_IAM_PROD. The company product database will not be affected.

If you copy these databases before upgrading, you can run the upgraded Software Factory by providing an updated INI file used to start the GUI. If you download the deployment center with the Windows GUI included, you can also have the deployment center do this for you.

When it comes to upgrading IAM, there should not be any further actions required. Any changes that require attention which can occur as a result of the upgrade will show up as validation messages when you validate your product model.

Does this answer your questions?
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Hi Anne,

Thank you. Sorry for the late reply but the deployment tool indeed did the trick. So much easier than messing around with scripts. We have version 2018.3 up and running now for both the SF and our own application.