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What is the current status of the Form List component in the Universal GUI.

Is seems to work, but we get some errors, the screen becomes frozen, not always, but often, we cannot find a reason for this behavior.

The Feature Matrix, says 'Work in Progress’, when can we expect the Form List to be 100% ready?


Best answer by Peter Verwijs 5 June 2023, 16:49

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Hello Harm,

If the form list causes the screen to freeze, that sounds like a bug. If you can reproduce this issue, would you mind reporting this in a ticket?

There are a few items on our backlog concerning form list functionality, such as reapplying layouts after a field patch, refreshing data after field patch, adding missing controls, etc. These are on our to-do list, but we currently don’t have an exact date for when we expect them to be finished.

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We need to know when it is all ready for Universal and compatible with its functionality like in the Windows GUI.

As long as this is not the case the Form List is useless in Universal.

I hope someone can give soon give an update on this.



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Hello Peter,

We are also using form-list as part of our solutions. Although we know the form-list is not fully completed yet, it would be relevant to get an insight of the currently supported and unsupported functionality (and controls for that matter). I have already registrered tickets for issues we have encountered. Is there some overview of the current state of form-list within Universal?