Source names at startup against SF unclear

  • 24 May 2023
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Presumably from the latest SF version in which we no longer talk about project versions but model versions, starting branches directly against the SF all results in one and the same application definition.

The mouse-over shows the application_id instead of branch_id

model_id = 'NIVERPLAST',
branch_id = 'ADDITIONAL_COSTS',
branch_description = N'1687',


To make it workable, I use application icons as a workaround and add the application IDs to the description.

Workaround using icons and branch_description

Desired solution

Presumably the model_id is now displayed all "Niverplast” desirable would be that the branch name (or another recognizable column) is visible.


Another bug?

Setting the sorting in the list bar is not replicated to the sorting of applications in the tile menu.

Sorting order - List bar menu
Sorting order - Tile menu


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Feel free to create a ticket for this Dennis.

By specifying a Model and branch (and maybe runtime configuration) in the Login screen, that particular application will opened rather than all available models and branches and active runtime configurations.