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  • 11 March 2023
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When running the software factory in the Windows GUI via Indicium basic I get an error message saying "Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when going to the result tab of a control procedure. Then when clicking the generate definition tab a message saying "The provider 'Indicium' does not support tooling connections!” pops up.

The alternative of course is a classic database connection but that generates quite a bit more traffic and is also slower. This is especially noticeable when connection latency is high due to long distance to the server. So what actually is the status of accessing the software factory via Indicium (basic or universal)?


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Hi Roland,

The Software Factory does indeed not support Indicium Basic.

The problem you are running into will be resolved in the upcoming 2023.2 release but I’m quite sure there are more situations where the Software Factory via Indicium Basic does not work properly.

The good news is that we are working on Indicium support for the Windows GUI and as such, for the Software Factory IDE this year.

Supporting Universal for the Software Factory requires us to adapt some custom and specific components in Universal technology, such as the business process modeler, the menu modeler, data modeler, process flow modeler, code comparison and code file editing features. These features are practically exclusive to the Software Factory, we are first focusing on finishing up all Universal features for regular products. I don’t expect full Software Factory support with Universal this year.

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Very informative answer. Thank you.

If I'm correct that basically means a classic sql server connection is the only means to develop as of now. That's fine on a terminal server via remote desktop but less ideal when you want to move to a domain connected local computer via vpn that's running all the software locally. Especially when the server is far away and latency is high.

It also makes the software factory platform dependent. I tried getting it to work in Linux via both Wine and a Microsoft maintained dotnet package but I wasn't successful.

I'm sure you're aware of the downsides though. Just pointing out a few drawbacks I'm dealing with as a long distance developer.

Can't wait until next year. :)