Setting user preference configuration in OpenID user template

  • 10 July 2024
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I was wondering if it's possible to set the user preference configuration within the OpenID user template. For a project I'm working on I need the users that log in via OpenID to have the user preference configuration set to ‘On_Off’ for example. 

Currently every user that logs in via OpenID is set to none, but the users need to have the ability to switch the application language within the Universal GUI.

As you can see the other two values for user preferences you can set with the template, except for the configuration:



Best answer by Mark Jongeling 16 July 2024, 23:14

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4 replies

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Anyone? Should I open an idea? 

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@Mark Jongeling Do we have a workaround for this? If not, would suggest you raise it as a bug in TCP @rbiram.

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Hey, that's indeed currently not possible but I can see this being a great way to set a default UP configuration. 

As this would be a new addition rather than something not working properly, an Idea will suffice. If the implementation is relatively easy, then we could maybe squeeze it into the 2024.3.

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Thanks, both of you! I'll open an idea. I hope it's a relatively easy fix (seems so) :)

I'll open up an idea.