Run query at login (without start object)

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We have a client that uses openId. Unfortunatly the claims response doesn't provide all the information needed to be able to determine the user groups a user needs to have assigned. We need to make a call to another system to retrieve the information to determine this.

For now we run the logic to determine this and adjust user groups when the user clicks a menu item. 

What we would like to do is run this logic as soon as possible after the login. Best would be before menu items are loaded.

Is this possible? Or is there an alternative that we didn't think of?


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Hi Bas,

The nicest solution would be to use a start object for the group containing the users which need to be determined. This start object could be a single task or even a processflow with a finish action to remove the current user from the group with the start object. This way this logic will only be called once.

Another option would be to set a ‘StartupProcedure’ in the extended properties.
This procedure will then be called every single time the application is started.

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Unfortunatly the StatupProcedure extended property doesn't seem to be called when starting the application through an universal interface.

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Did you find a solution for this situation or do you still need help on this?