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  • 19 January 2024
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With the help of the breakpoints, we are now able to activate the desired screen layout for any screen size.

But, is it also possible to control the behavior of the UI from the model in such a way that fields are placed below each other instead of next to each other on a smaller screen?

It would be nice if we only had to scroll the screen vertically on mobile devices to see all the fields.


Desktop screen:


Mobile screen:





5 replies

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@Harm Horstman the way we solve such an example is as follows:

  • (Optional - not sure it is necessary) Set Form no of columns = 2
  • Set all columns to a regular Field no of positions further = 1
  • Enable Next tab checkbox on Subject column

That will give the following effect:


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@Arie V Great! We will try that. Thanks

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Hi @Harm Horstman, did Arie's reaction help you out? If so, you can mark his answer as Best answer.

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Hi Jeroen,

Yes more or less.

Following settings work almost always good for us now:

Form settings

  • No of columns: 2
  • Label width: 1
  • Field width: 200

Column settings

  • Form field width: 200 or 400

For task and task parameters the same settings

These settings work fine for Universal not for Windows

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Hi Harm,

This type of form field behavior is not supported in all GUI's. The way Arie described it, is the way to do it. I recommend to create a separate table variant for showing the form optimized in Universal GUI and another variant for in the Windows GUI.