Reserving space in the taskbar

  • 3 April 2024
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When using universal on tablets, the space available in the screen becomes increasingly important. We are now in the situation where users go into the factory with the tablet to do various safety checks on various machines. Now we see that tasks are quickly truncated from text+icon to icon, with the display type set to "Icon + text (> text > icon). Yet we see that there is still very much space available in the action bar. Can we soon expect better use of this available space, or can we influence this ourselves with screentypes?

More then enough room for tasks



1 pixel smaller, tasks only show icon or go to overflow, while there is enough room for text (and maybe icon)


1 reply

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Hey Bram,

In the latest release some improvements have been made regarding bars, can you check again with the 2024.1.13 version? Hopefully that solves it but otherwise you can create a ticket for this.