Reporting service connection error for Crystal Report

  • 2 March 2023
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For a customer we have the reporting service running in 2 environments: 

In the first environment it is running correct.

In the second environment we get an error: 

De verbinding kan niet worden geopend. rpt_colli_detail_sticker 15344_12564_{C88AF56C-6C61-421E-9B79-8D26C4D0BF23}.rpt Details:  [Leverancierscode database: 4060 ]

We are using the same version of the report definition and drivers.

We have checked the config files and authorisation.

But we can't find any clue why it is ending in error. 


Debug log from the reporting service: 




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Hi Sandro,

Looking at the log you’ve posted I can see that you are not running version 5 of the reporting service. It might not fix the issue you are having but I do advise you upgrade to that from whatever version you are running now because any bug fixes will not be back ported to older versions. Please have a look at and the rest of that documentation page for assistance on how to upgrade.

Regarding the actual issue, the log states that opening a connection failed for data source name “Leverancierscode database: 4060” of the report. The reporting service overrides the server/database name and credentials to use for the data source to match the information inside the connection string used to poll for reports to process.

Given that the polling is working I do not suspect there is a problem with the credentials themselves. Having said that, Crystal Reports does end up making its own connection to the database to retrieve data for the data source so maybe there is some issue in the way the server/database name is handled. If you test the report directly after changing the “Leverancierscode database: 4060” data source to use the same server and database values as in the polling connection on the second environment does it still work?

If it does (and upgrading to version 5.x of the reporting service also does not work) then I would like ask you to make a ticket for this in TCP so you can share how the “Leverancierscode database: 4060” data source is set up and we can attempt to make a reproduction of the issue.


Installing the latest version solved the issue.