Repeating view every 30 seconds

  • 25 July 2019
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In debug-mode we see every 30 seconds a select executed which we can not seem to influence.
The settings in the subject(variant) are not used (please noitice the screendumps)

How can we (de)actived this or where can we find this (default??) setting ?


Best answer by luukschouten 26 July 2019, 14:56

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9 replies

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Hey Peter,

Maybe the tab variant copies the Auto refresh setting from the table/view. Could you check if [planning_monteur] has an Auto refresh interval of 30? And if you change that, does that make a positive difference?
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Hello Mark,

We did allready check this. The subject of the view itself has no settings either
It looks like an "invisible" default is in command here :)

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We have found something that may be part of this. We upgraded to 2018.3 and received following message:

De volgende instellingen zijn aanwezig in de applicatie objectmodel extender:

Does this have anything to do with it?

Maybe @luukschouten can tell us a little bit more?
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Hi Hugo, Peter,

The refresh is performed by the extender 'GridAutoRefresh'. This looks at table variants ending with 'refr_ [sec]'.

Kind regards, Luuk
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Hi Luuk,

Thanks for the answer. I am looking under the tab Extenders in the Full Model but there is no extender listed. Where can I find this extender?
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You can find it in 'Projects' inside the GUI folder as a DLL file.
To elaborate on this, the message ("These settings are implemented in an application object model extender") notifies developers that some custom code (the DLL mentioned by Luuk) can now be modeled in the SF.

Even though it can be modeled, does not mean it is already modeled. The GUI can not know whether that is the case. Even after modeling the functionality, the message will pop up as long as the DLL is found in the projects-folder.

Just (manually) deleting the DLL is not the advised way forward:
  • The DLL might contain functionality other than the functionality now migrated to the model (thus crippling the application on removal of that DLL);
  • Each time a new version of the GUI is downloaded, the DLL is automatically packaged as part of the GUI for this customer.
Depending on the mode of development, the responsible developer needs to
  1. Migrate the settings that the DLL implemented to the corresponding settings of the application model in the SF;
  2. Inform TSF product innovation of the migration, product innovation can now disable (that part of) the DLL for this particular customer.
This packaging of DLL's is on a per-customer basis, therefore, when confronted with a choice, it is important to always download a GUI for the specific customer that will run the software.

The message is intended for developers, and only pops up when starting the application in developer mode (developermode = 1 in ini for the Windows GUI; Indicium needs an addition to the web.config)
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Hello Boudewijn,

Thanks for your explanation. We certainly want to remove the extender if possible. I will contact the Customer Care department.
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edit: deleted, wrong thread.