Refresh underlying table when lookup got updated

  • 29 November 2021
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We have a pretty specific scenario in which we want to refresh a record and give immidiate feedback when a user changes a value in a look up screen. I will describe the scenario below:

We have column with a lookup. The value of this column is the total amount of cost records we have within our cost table. Whenever the user wants to look into all the costs, then the lookup can be opened. 

Whenever we add a new record within this lookup. In this case we add another 300 euro’s. The total costs becomes 2.000,00.

When we return to the main screen and thus we cancel here. We have the following result:

The value of our column did not change with it at first. Yes, after we press the refresh button ourselves the value will update to the new value. However, we would like the application to this for us. We tested a few possibilities to try and achieve this:

  • Subjects - Settings - Performance - Refresh after insert / update etc. 
    • This does not work.
  • Process flow using a close document on costs (so whenever the user presses cancel), and calling a refresh on the main.
    • This is not seen as a normal document, so this did not seem to work either.

Is there any other way to achieve a refresh on the main screen whenever a record is added/updated/deleted in a lookup screen? Or is a refresh on the main screen possible if the user presses cancel in a lookup screen?


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Why not make this a detail instead of a lookup? And then make the total amount a calculated field. Adding a refresh on the subject? To me, it feels kind of counter intuitive to have to update the amount in a lookup and then press cancel.

We are trying to avoid using a detail tab, and would like to show this table as a floating document. Our users do not find the detail tabs intuitive.

The lookup we made is almost exactly like how we want it. We only need a refresh to make it work perfectly.

We will turn on edit in grid and remove the form behind Route to achieve having more space for the records. We do not want to have another detail tab, and reserve space for it. A floating document would be the perfect solution. Also our users do not understand they are adding costs to the selected route if they would click on the detail tab behind route. (users get a little lost if there are too many detail tabs under multiple tables within the same screen).

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It’s not possible to refresh the subject after a lookup in the Universal GUI. You could create a task to add a Cost. Or you could activate the auto refresh on the subject.