Redirect URI for connection with Exact Online

  • 29 July 2021
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How to set up an API connection using the OAuth 2.0 with Exact Online?

This resource was a good starting point.
I can’t find a way to use a valid “redirect URI” in the SF.

Any suggestions?



Best answer by Mark Jongeling 9 September 2021, 12:21

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9 replies

Currently working in SF version 2020.2 → don’t have access to the new functionality provided below.


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Hi Rolf,

With the 2020.2 it is not possible to utilize OAuth 2.0. I recommend upgrading to the latest version (2021.2). Is that a possibility for you?

Hello @Mark Jongeling,

Currently, there is only a step-by-step method in the documentation for setting up an OAuth-flow with Azure. I tried to somewhat copy this approach for Exact Online, yet I cannot pick the given Redirect URI as a valid path. Is there any other Redirect URI I can use in the Windows / Web GUI?


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Hi Rolf,

The Windows GUI Oauth callback currently only works with http so registering could currently only work if Exact Online allows http addresses. We could investigate the option to support https but that would require some additions/changes in the Windows GUI. Could you create an Idea for this?

Hello Mark,

Exact Online unfortunately only supports HTTPS, see screenshot below.


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Hello Mark,

Exact Online unfortunately only supports HTTPS, see screenshot below.

That is indeed unfortunate. You can create an Idea for the Windows GUI to support HTTPS.

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Hi @Rolf Goossen 

Same issues here and we are not waiting. We are building a Exact Online synchronization with ThinkWise API together with 

It’s in pilot with CRM tables now and looks good! It’s dynamic of course and more tables coming soon or on demand. If you are interested or want more information, let me know.


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Version 2021.3.11 of the Windows GUI provides the option to alter the redirect URI using the OAuthRedirectURI extended property, allowing you to set it to HTTPS. 

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This new blog provides some help for changing the redirect URI and a guide how to use the OAuth connectors.
Hopefully it helps!