• 16 November 2022
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Does anybody had experience with the RABOBANK API to put in payment collections. (incasso opdrachten) 

There is also more to tell about API’s then described in the references, what you figure out when starting with calling specific API’s.
So if someone has some experience and is willing to share, that would really be helpful.


3 replies

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Hi Edwin,

I've set out the question inside our departments but it looks like none of our teams have use the Rabobank API in any of the past projects. I do still hope we have Community members who have some experience with this.

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Thanks, I already concluded this because of the silence on this topic…


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I have only used the Mollie and Adyen API's. Normally I would expect there to be some kind of support on their side for this. 

Do you know which api you need to use? https://developer.rabobank.nl/api-documentation