Quick question about "BeginEdit()"

  • 10 January 2023
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When we edit a template in SSMS, and import it to the SF, we get the following popup:

What does it mean? The SQL script seems to be imported correctly, and it can be executed so that it gets "active”. The arrow expands the following stack trace:

"   at System.Data.DataRow.GetDefaultRecord()
   at Thinkwise.Shared.ObjectModel.Obj.BuildMultipleRowsQuery(DataRow[] dataRows)
   at Thinkwise.Data.TSFController.refreshMultipleRowsCore(DataRow[] dataRows)
   at Thinkwise.Data.TSFController.refreshMultipleRowsAndUpdate(DataRow[] dataRows)"

Just curious about the implications of this.




Best answer by Edo Spijker 12 January 2023, 08:36

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Hi Alex,

As long as everything goes well, that's great of course. I believe this is a .NET message the Windows GUI returns. Whilst it may look a bit scary the first time, for what I can recall it is actually more a confirmation that the GUI has prevented data loss. @Edo Spijker, do you happen to know a bit more about this message?

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This message is more for us as gui developers as a 'just so you know’ than that is is something for gui users.You can just ignore it.

In the previous GUI (2023.1.10.0) this debugmessage has been made less invasive, it now will be send to the debugger instead of shown as a real popup message. 

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Excellent! Good to know. Thank you very much, both of you 🙂